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Weather Forecast.  

en is the weather forecaster for Radio Pembrokeshire, reporting the weather for Pembrokeshire ten past the hour every hour.
For the latest weather listen to Radio Pembrokeshire on 102.5
FM. Log on here and listen anywhere in the world.


10 Day Forecast Pembrokeshire

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Latest Weather, Winds Speed and Direction 2006

Oct 21st SW force 7
Oct 20th SW force 6
Oct 19th SW force 3
Oct 18th SW force 5
Oct 15th E force 6
Oct 14th SE force 5
Oct 13th SE force 4
Oct 12th S force 3
Oct 9th SE force 4
Oct 8th SE force 3
Oct 7th SW force 5
Oct 6th W gale 8
Oct 5th SW gale 8
Sept 30th SW force 6
Sept 29th SW force 6
Sept 28th SW force 5
Sept 25th SE force 4
Sept 24th SE force 4
Sept 23rd SE force 5
Sept 22nd SE force 5
Sept 21st SW gale 8
Sept 20th SW gale 8
Sept 6th N force 4
Sept 5th SW force 4
Sept 3rd W force 6
Sept 2nd SW force 7
Sept 1st S force 4
Aug 28th NW force 5
Aug 27th W force 5
Aug 26th W force 5
Aug 20th NW force 5
Aug 19th W force 5
Aug 15th NW force 3
Aug 14th N force 4
Aug 12th-13th N force 6
Aug 1st - 10th light N
July 29th SW force 5
July 23rd - 28th Light W or S
July 22nd W force 3
July 21st Variable force 3
July 19th SW force 3
July 18th S force 3
July 11th-17th Light 2 -3
July 9th SW force 6
July 8th SW force 5
July 3rd NE force 3
July 2nd NE force 3
July 1st Variable 3
June 30th S force 3
June 29th Variable force 2
June 28th Variable force 3
June 27th Variable force 2
June 26th N force 3
June 25th N force 4
June 24th SW force 3
June 23rd S force 3
June 22nd NW force 3
June 20th SW force 3
June 19th S force 3
June 18th SW force 4
June 17th Variable 2
June 16th Variable 2
June 12th N force 2
June 11th S force 4
June 10th SE force 5
June 9th Variable
June 4th Variable
June 3rd N force 3
June 2nd N force 3
June 1st N force 3
June 30th N force 6
May 23rd W force 7
May 22nd W force 5
May 21st W force 6
May 20th W force 6
May 19th W force 6
May 18th gale 8
May 15th SW force 3
May 14th light
May 13th light
April 24th S force 3
April 23rd W force 3
April 22nd E force 3
April 20th SW force 3
April 17th Sw force 5
April 16th W force 3
April 15th W force 3
April 14th NW force 3
April 12th Sw force 5
April 11th Sw force 6
April 10th Variable force 2
April 9th N force 4
April 8th NW force 4
April 7th NW force 3
April 6th W force 4
April 5th NW force 3
April 4th NW force 3
April 3rd SW force 4
March 30th SW force 5
March 29th SW force 6
March 28th SW force 5
March 26th SW force 6
March 25th SW force 5
March 21st E force 4
March 20th E force 5
March 16th E force 5
March 15th E force 4
March 14th E force 4
March 11th SW force 4
Feb 27th NE force 5
Feb 26th NE force 5
Feb 25th NW force 6
Feb 24th N force 5
Feb 23rd NW force 5
Feb 20th NW force 5
Feb 19th S force 3
Feb 18th S force 4
Feb 17th SW force 5
Feb 16th SW force 5
Feb 15th SW force 5
Feb 14th SW force 6
Feb 13th SW force 6
Feb 12th SW gale 8
Feb 10th S force 3
Feb 9th SE force 3
Feb 8th N force 3
Feb 2nd S force 3
Feb 1st S force 2
Jan 31st E force 2
Jan 30th E force 3
Jan 29th E force 3
Jan 28th E force 3
Jan 27th E force 3
Jan 26th E force 3
Jan 25th E force 4
Jan 24th E force 4
Jan 23rd E force 5
Jan 22nd W force 4
Jan 21st W force 4
Jan 20th W force 6
Jan 19th W force 6
Jan 18th W force 4
Jan 17th W force 4
Jan 16th NW force 5
Jan 15th W forcd 4
Jan 14th SW force 6
Jan 13th SW force 6
Jan 12th S force 5
Jan 11th NW force 4
Jan 6th E force 4
Jan 5th E force 5
Jan 4th E force 4
Jan 3rd Variable force 2






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