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Dive Pembrokeshire UK.
Run by Len Bateman

Tidal Flows General Information.

The Haven.

The inside of the Haven is sheltered from most winds. the mouth is however exposed to south and south westerlies. Diving in the Haven is usually done when the weather is bad, or maybe as a second dive. Visibility can be poor, but pick the right conditions like most dives and you will get around 5m. The tide starts to run up the Haven from St Anns Head at LW, and continues in this direction until HW (6hrs). Then at HW it begins to run out.

Jack Sound

The tide in the sound is the same as in Ramsey Sound, in that slack water is two and half hours after high and Low water. The tides flow quite fast in the sound and care should be taken. Not to be dived other that slack. there are quite a few wrecks in the area, dead eye wreck being one of them. We wish to thank Skomer Marine Reserve for use of the picture.

South starts 2hrs after HW. North starts 04.25 before HW Tides are 6 kts at springs.

Ramsey Sound.

Slack water is two and half hours after Low and High water. The slack water will last for approx. half an hour on small tides, and less on bigger tides. At the slack which is two and half after Low the tide runs to the North until two and half hours after High water, when then is another slack. It then runs to the South until two and half hours after Low water.

South going current starts 3 hrs HW. North going current starts 03.25 hrs before HW. Tides reach 6 kts at springs.

Bishops and Clerks.

The tide runs North 2 hrs before HW until 5hrs after. It then runs South for 5 hrs after HW until 2 hrs before. At flood the tides reach 5 kts.

Caldy Island.

Caldy sound slack at HW.