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  Dive Pembrokeshire UK

Skomer Island. Pembrokeshire's Marine Reserve.

Skomer Island.

Boat Trips.

With the delicate nature of wildlife around the Island, there are speed restrictions when approaching near the cliffs and entering bays. Please slow down when approaching any wildlife. Tpuffinhis area is also a no take zone, look but don't touch!

A marine reserve which is as beautiful above the water as it is below. The area is protected and contains some of the most beautiful reefs in the country. The area is called the Skomer Marine reserve, where you are able to touch but not take. We know all the best sites around the Island and the best times to dive them.

Skomer is a marine reserve, and has an underwater wonderland of many different things to see. There are walls that drop from the surface to over 50 m, wrecks that lie at 40m still intact, the Lucy for example, drift dives and scenic, Pembrokeshire has it all.. The island itself is well worth a visit but must be called first on channel 16, their call sign is Skomer One.

Sea Horses have been seen around Skomer Island for the first time, they were seen just outside Martins Haven in August 1998. There is plenty to explore around the coastline of Pembrokeshire, why not dive with the Seals, experience 40m walls, scenic reefs, wonderful drift dives, caves and gullies to swim through and over 500 wrecks to discover. Try one of our special interest mid week breaks for an experience of a lifetime. Remember let Dive Pembrokeshire UK take you there, where you can be sure of some the best diving around Pembrokeshire. We dive the Marine Nature Reserve where there is an abundance of marine life to be found and where lobsters are walking around in the open!

Please respect the area and if you have your own boats please keep to the speed limits around the Island, the whole of the cliffs around the Island are home to thousands of breeding birds including the Puffin. Seals are also to be avoided especially around September when they are breeding. Treat it like your own garden and help protect this wonderful marine wonderland.

The area also contains some of the finest reefs, large walls dropping down to 50 metres, wonderful scenic drifts and hundreds of wrecks. Nearly every month local divers are finding something different. Only recently sliver spoons were found from a wrecks dating back to 1900, also two new wrecks were discovered in 1998.

Another new wreck was discovered by Len Bateman in 1999 and found many items of brass. Other wrecks which only we have the location, are The Collier, Matrona, Brass Wreck, Liner, Landing Craft and the Mid Channel Wreck.

Dive Pembrokeshire UK has some wonderful dive sites, some of the best being around Skomer Island. New sites and wrecks are being discovered all the time making Pembrokeshire a very interesting place to come to.

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