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Marine Sightings

Sighting since 2003

Are Puffins decresing in numbers, seen many feeding away from the Islands. Is there a shortage in their food supply? Scotland have reportage a drop in numbers by almost half this year.

February 2015

Two killer Whales seen in the Irish Sea.

Sea Mice found on North beach Tenby. Proberly washed up by the strong winds and High Tide. Normally live in the deeped Oceans down to 4000 feet.

sea Mouse

August 2014

Around 20 dolphins entered the Haven and made their way up the the bridge at Neyland. Another pod were seen at Freshwater West

June 2013

Dolphins spotted to the south of Grassholmn..

May 2012

Two killer Whales spotted out in the Irish dsea. We passed them on the way across to Ireland.

August 2011

Dolphins coming through Jack Sound

July 20th 2008

Sabines Gull, spotted on the shore outside Milford Marina, feeding on the seaweed. Does anyone know if this bird is rare in these parts. I understood that they breed in North America and Greenland.

September 07

Minky Whale spotted off the Pembrokeshire coastline.
Albatross seen off coastline 6th Sept

June 2007

Large pod of dolphins seen on the way to the Smalls, that swam with the boat.
Also to the west of Skomer Island a large pod was seen on the 22nd June.
Great White spotted near the Smalls.

August 2005

1000's of Dolphins seen 20 miles offshore out of St anns Head. Also seen were large Sunfish, Orca and Pilot Whales.

June 2005

Dolphins seen crossing Watic Point

May 2005

An Otter seen in Neyland Marina on the pipe that runs out to the entrance

April 2005

Around 90 Pilot Whales were seen off the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Dolphins seen at Solva actually in the harbour itself.

Dolphins outside Martins Haven, with gannets in close to shore feeding with the Dolphins after a shoal of eels. Have not seen gannets in close as this before, could it be a lack of fish life around Grassholmn where they normally feed.

August 10th 2004

In Martins Haven we spotted a seal wearing a white hat! The story is that some seals were released back into the sea after being rescued. They were given names and a white cap was put on them. This was a few years back, and I wonder if any more have been released in the same way, or this was one of those seals.
A small group of Dolphins spotted out of Martins Haven.

July 2004

A few Porpoises were seen swimming along the Esso jetty up river. We saw a few last year along the same spot. This time there were some young with their mums.

Around the end of the month about 300 dolphins were spotted along St Brides Bay, never before have so many been seen together. We had about 20 swimming with the boat through Jack Sound.

June 2004

Dolphins with young were seen passing near North Haven, Skomer Island.

May 2004

Leatherback Turtle spotted outside Martins Haven. At least 6 feet long.
Sea Snake found on the Dakotion. A foot long, brown with black stripe.

April 2004.

Dolphins spotted near Skokholm Island about 20

Sighting during 2003

During 2003 there were a few odd sightings in and around the Milford Haven Waterway, for example, during the early part of the year we spotted Dolphins up as far as Pembroke Dock. This was very unusual for them to be seen this far up the river. A few weeks later they were spotted again, this time by Milford Marina.

About the same time there were reports of a "Sea Monster" spotted at Pembroke Dock, which was "as big as a bus", moving through the water. A picture was taken at the time showing a long trail through the water. The sighting made the local news and television at the time and appeared on the Judy and Richard program. We were asked by the TV producers to take them to the spot to go down and film below the waters, which we did, but found nothing!
Now could this have anything to do with the Dolphin? Other reports were that it was a secret one man Submarine entering the harbor under cover. One local fisherman reported spotting what looked like a submarine out at the heads a few days before. Could this have been the secret service preparing for the Iraq war?

During July there were Sun Fish seen along Watic Reef, again this was very unusual for them to been seen in the Haven. The following week they were spotted again at the same spot. They seemed to be a bit sluggish and slow to respond when approached by the boat. It looked as if there was something not quite right, as if it were unwell. It continued to be seen at the same spot for a few weeks and then disappeared.

Gannets were spotted around Watic Reef out of Dale during July. These are only usually found around Grassholhn.

Not long after that a Whale was spotted in Castle Bay on the rocks. It was trapped between two rocks and when the tide fell it was left high and dry. It eventually died as it could be be reached from the land. This story made the local radio and local papers.

During the summer months a Tornado was seen around the town of Haverfordwest which lasted a few minutes.

Some twelve Trigger Fish were seen once again around the Hen & Chicks, a reef not far from Little Haven. These fish appear every year, but this year seem to be low on numbers.

A few dead Seals have been washed up around the shores of Pembrokeshire, one at the Blue Lagoon in October was only young, and might have entered the Lagoon to shelter from the strong winds at the time.

A thresher shark was spotted near the Turbo bank in September and in May five orca whales were seen between Skomer and Skokholmn Island.