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Dive Pembrokeshire UK

Launching Sites.

Little Haven

A sheltered seaside village which was once engaged in mining and coal exporting from local mines. A popular fishing resort with a concrete slipway with access straight into the water at one and half hours either side of HW. At low tides you can launch from the beach, but with care. Launching should be made to the right of the beach where the sand is firmer. Open to westerlies winds. Ideal when Sheltered to North / Northeast / South and South East winds.

Car parking is nearby where you are able to change and set up. The slipway is used by the Little Haven Lifeboat, so the slipway should be kept clear at all times. Their are plenty of local pubs which supply hot food. A fee is payable to launch to the Little Haven Boating Association, ask at the cafe in the village. The fee is about £10.00 per year.

Broad Haven.

A seaside village with a large sandy beach, popular with holiday makers and windsurfers. Good fishing for Bass and Mackerel. Has a small concrete slipway with access to the water at high tides only. A large beach of firm sand which can be used at low water for launching, cars can be taken on the beach but have to be removed asap. The car park facilities are smaller than that of Little Haven, but can be used for changing in. The Galleon Inn close by supplies good food, and has a Curry menu on Thursday evenings. There is also the Royal Inn. Toilets are situated in the car park. There is a shop in the village, selling mainly food with an off licence. A fish and chip shop opens in the summer months.

St Brides.

Has a rough track down to a small bay which can be accessed with 4 wheel drive vehicles. I have recovered my 7 metres rib here and it just makes it up the pathway to the car park. Take care at the bottom of this lane where it meets the beach, there are some rocky steps which should be treated with caution. Sandy beach at Low water, but there are small rocks at the top of the beach. Access is possibly with inflatable boats and can be launched and recovered with a little help. The only facilities are some toilets next to the church. A pleasant and lovely little bay, ideal for shore diving and training. A good base for training with some nice diving to be had around to the right of the bay. Depths out around the corner of the Bay will only reach about 8 metres. There are no currents to worry about.

Martins Haven.

Quite a steep road down to the pebble beach. No sand, but a small slipway, which is only accessible to water at HW springs. Boats can be launched with the help of 4 wheel drive vehicles across the large pebbles, but can be a struggle. A good shore dive can be had from here, going down to over twenty metres off to the left. Cars to be parked on top in the NT car park.


A pretty little village with a pretty sheltered harbour, home to lots of sailing boats. Harbour entrance faces West, so exposed to strong westerlies. Good slipway at the height of the tide. Low water can be quite a track out. A second slip is available at the boat club, which gives access 2 hours either side of LW. There is a small charge for launching. The locals however do not like divers and can give you the cold shoulder, but they have no right to stop you launching your boat. The village has some nice local Inns, one of them right along side the car park at the edge of the water. Toilets are based in the car park, which can get very busy in the holiday season and should be avoided..

Porthclais. 51 51.9 N 05 16.7 W

A sheltered harbour with a small car park. Toilet facilities near by. To find the harbour head out of St David's passing the Cathedral to your right. Launching and recovery can be made at any time. A sand and stony harbour floor makes it possible to drive right down to the harbour wall. Four wheel drives are not essential. There is also a small charge to use the slipway. Sheltered from the NW, N to NE winds. Ideal for trips to Ramsey island.

There is camping above the harbour, with toilets and a good shower. Ribs can be kept in the field. Glan Y Mor campsite and dive centre is not far away, the owner is a diver called Clive. Her he has a shop and can supply air, and Nitrox if required. There is an excellent restaurant at The Warpole Court Hotel, and a good pub lunch can be had at the St Non`s.


An old mining quarry with some of the workings and buildings still standing. A lovely place to explore, full of history. The Sloop Inn nestles into the valley only yards from the harbour. The slipway is good for launching at most states of the tide. Exposed to NW winds. Sheltered from the East and SE winds.


A pretty little village with a very good Inn supplying good food. A concrete slipway extends to the low water mark, and a pontoon for tying up the boats is available. A nearby car park is available for changing. Toilets are available along side the sea front. Launching and recovery can be made at any state of the tide. Sheltered from most winds. A good place to launch from when diving along the coast towards St Govan`s Head and Skomer Island. Plenty of facilities makes this a very busy place in the summer. At LW springs the tide goes a long way out, making for a long walk back!


Home of the Pembrokeshire Yacht Club. The concrete slip extends well out, and is wide enough for two boats side by side. There was a pontoon available and cars can be driven to it for loading and unloading, this has now gone. Toilets are available along side the road. There is no car park, but cars can be parked along the side of the road.

Recovery possible at LW as the sand is quite firm off the end of the slipway.

Whitesands Bay.

A car park nearby can get quite crowded in the holiday season. Launching is done from the beach. Westerly winds should be avoided as the surf can be quite big, making it difficult to launch and recover. A large beach area, overlooked by a golf course. Toilets and refreshments are available near the car park.


A sheltered bay with a small slipway. The cove is quite sandy and launching is possible with a four wheel dive vehicle. Toilets and a small car park are available next to the slipway.

Pwllgwaelod Dinas Rock.

A sandy beach reached down a windy lane. Just north of Fishguard, and ideal for diving around Dinas Rock. A small reef just out of the little bay at 6 metres is ideal for Novices. Sheltered from most winds. The car park is alongside the beach. Can be quite full in the summer. A nice walk can be had around Dinas Rock with spectacular views of Fishguard. The walk takes you right around the Island and back again through a small valley.

Goodwick Fishguard.

A concrete slipway reached from the roundabout just past Goodwick Marine. Has good launching and recovery facilities, with a car park and toilets. There is a gate of one and half hours each side of high water, which is one hour after Milford. This would be greater at neap tides.


A small slipway on the way out to the Angle Lifeboat station can be used at high water only. Close by is a nice little Inn on the waters edge.


A small slip to the right of the Marina, with access down a narrow lane. Not ideal but suitable for smaller boats. With Gelliswick just around the corner this is not often used

Milford Dock.

To the left of the marina behind a row of retail units which overlook the sea, there is a small slipway which cannot be seen from the roadway. At low water the bottom of the slip extends too near the wall way to make launching possible..

Abereiddi Beach.

A sandy beach with some facilities. No good to launch when the wind is westerly. Strong surf makes it very difficult.

Stackpole Quay.

A pretty little area with its own harbour. Launching is possible and provides access to dive sites to the east of Milford Haven. The dramatic coastline around here is beautiful, and the place is well worth a visit.

Pembrokeshire Water Sports Centre

A area just across the Neyland Bridge at Llanion. Its a water sports centre run by the Pembrokeshire CC. There is a good slipway with access to the sea at LW.

Neyland Y C.

A slipway here can be used with permission from the YC. The club is just before the turning to the Neyland Marina.