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Dive Pembrokeshire UK

Pembrokeshire's Dive Sites.
  North Section.

 Dive Pembrokeshire UK

Boat Trips.

This site is constantly being updated with new dive sites appearing each year. The first part of this page is the north section of Pembrokeshire, from Fishguard down to Solva. The sites listed here do not include any wrecks, these are listed on our wreck page. The northern section contains many wrecks some quite deep at 40 metes plus. Tides can be quite strong along the coastline especially around Ramsey Island. Staying close to the shore under the cliffs is where you will usually find slack water.

Launching Sites

Needle Rocks

Launch out of Pwllgwaelod Dinas Rock. The needles are the far side well sheltered from S SW E winds. Depths are up to 15 metes The bottom is covered with large boulders, with plenty of gullies to explore. Wreckage can be found scattered around the far side of the rocks. The area can be quite silty.

Monkey Rocks.

Launch out of Porthgain. Lots of gullies to explore. Depths at around 20m. Sun Starfish found as well as others. Also makes a nice drift dive.

Traeth Rock

Launch Porthgain. A rock rising from 25m to 6m. Lies out from Aberieddy beach.

The Tower Off Abereiddi Beach

A large outcrop of rock rising from 25m up towards the surface.

The Sledges.

A group of rocks interesting rocks.

Abercastle Blow Hole.

Around to the right as you leave the bay there is a underwater cave, which extends into the cliffs some 8m, which brings you into a small blow hole. When the sea is surfing the rise and fall in the hole can be quite dramatic. The opening at the surface can be seen some 10m up. In heavy seas the water can be seen gushing out of the top.

South Bishops

A group of Islands to the west of Ramsey Island. An area with plenty of wreckage with vis usually very good. Tides are quite strong and care must be taken , make sure you dive here around neap tides and slack water. Here we can see Ramsey Island from Skomer Island.

North Bishops

A group of Islands off Ramsey Island in the north of the county. Tides are slack under the clifts where you will find many gullies and small caves. Water is usually clearer around the Bishops.

Bell Rock

This rock reaches up to 6m, and lying on its length is the Langton Grange. Depths go down to 50m and there can be a down current which can pull you down again as its flows over the top of the rock. A difficult spot to find without a depth sounder. The Langton Grange sank in 1909, hitting Bell Rock. She weight 5,852 tons, 420 feet long and 54 feet wide. Some Swansea divers located her wine storeroom and brought up some bottles of wine and champagne still corked. A dive not for the inexperienced, especially on the North going current. Slack water is about 3 hours after low water and high water, Milford Haven. Visibility is good. Launch out of Pothclais or Whitesands.

The Garreg Y Fram.

Very pretty dive. The slack on the Fran is one and half hours after HW, after which it runs for three hours to the east, and is followed by a small slack. It then runs to the west for nine hours.

Twll Y Dillin.

Slack is two hours after HW and it runs to the east for three hours. There is then a small slack water, after which it runs for nine hours to the west.

Green Scar.

Launch out of Solva, open to S S/W winds. Very pretty little dive with large rocks covering the sea bed. One reported dive plenty of Shrimps were seen. Very colorful dive site. Depth was around the 15m mark with vis up to 6m when last dived. A cave can be entered, but the top exit in the roof is quite small and should not be attempted.
The south facing side of the island just under the cliffs, lies a wreck. Bits are scattered along the bottom, and an old boiler sticks out from the sand. Anchor chain runs across the bottom, and an anchor can also be seen.

Shark Reef Solva.

To the SW of Green Scar lies another reef. The backbone of which runs north to south. The top of the reef lies at 4 metes, and drops away to the sides. To the east there are some large gullies and some drop offs to 20 metes A great place to explore with plenty of marine life covering the rocks. Some large Dog Fish can be seen to the east of the reef, and one year a pair of divers seen a large shark in one of the caves, they said it was 6 feet long! Plenty of Sea Cucumbers to be found, black and white. The visibility has been known to reach well over 15 metes

Shrimp Alley, Solva. (Dinas Fawr)

A reef dive to the east out of Solva, the first headland that meets you as you travel along the coast to the left. Depths go to 20m from the reef, which is covered with shrimps, Squat lobsters, and lobsters. The lobsters are seen in large numbers, and this would be the ideal place to go and see them, as they often lie out in the open. Octopus can also be found. Makes a good night dive. Currents are slack under the cliffs. The reef lies North/South from the mainland. The dive is well sheltered when the wind blows from the North. South Section of Diving Sites

South Section of Pembrokeshire

Contains dive sites from Solva down to Castlemartin in the south. The are also contains Skomer Island, a nature reserve,  where some of the best dive sites are to be found. Areas like The Hen & Chicks has some of the best marine life in the area. Dive Pembrokeshire have many dive sites in this area, especially around Skomer Island, and are adding new ones each year to the web pages.

These are a few of the dive sites to be found around Pembrokeshire.  
If you have any you wish to add, please E-mail me at