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Dive Pembrokeshire UK.

Caves of Skomer.

An area of large gullies and 30 meter walls well sheltered from any tidal run. The walls of the caves are covered in elephant sponges and daisy anemone's, very pretty indeed. One of the caves has a large entrance at 15 meters which can be entered for about 30 feet. Inside there is another smaller entrance going even further into the cliffs. This entrance can be entered but with care, as the area can be silty. Over to the right of this there is another exit which takes you out to the right of the main cave.
Further to the left of this cave there is a gully at around 20 meters, follow this northwards and it will take you into another cave. This cave is about 40 to 50 feet deep and drops to over 20 meters in depth. The walls again are covered in life.

The area is visited and dived by us, for further information and to reserve a place on our boat call us on 07545 967180