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Captains Log 2006

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March 18th / 19th RYA Powerboat Course.

Boats all back on the water and ready to go. This weekend was a RYA Level 2 powerboat course, and a lovely weekend it was too. Winds were easterly force 6 or 7 but the Sunday looked pretty calm out there. At the heads conditions were perfect with flat seas. Vis looked bad in places, as you would expect with large tides this weekend. Some places which have had some shelter the vis was not too bad.

April 7th / 8th / 9th Diving.

Diving this weekend with some of the best tides of the year. Winds were north west force 5 or 6 so we dived in the lee of the Haven. Vis was variable from 1 metre on the Dakotion to 4 metres on the Behar on the Sunday. Both boats were out, with two groups, one of the groups drove down from Holland on the Thursday night and then dived on the Friday.

April 15th / 16th RYA Powerboat Course.

A two day course with Helen and Lucy. We went out to Skomer the second day to get some rough water handling through Jack Sound, and the seas were flat! Typical, last week when we had divers the conditions were rough. Vis was not too bad, at around 3 metres at Rye Rocks. The two girls were great, I never had so much fun in my life! Never stopped laughing! Well Helen you were a scream! (Especially over those waves) I think the coastguard must have heard you eight miles away!
Well done Lucy, ten out of ten, and Helen... well.... I am still adding up the noughts!
I have put a picture of Helen here for all to see, sorry Chops! May your clouds move on and the sun be with you.

April 18th / 19th / 20th Diving.

A group down diving from the rib. Vis around 3 metres on the first dives. Winds blowing up to force 5 on the second day. Vis at Martins Haven around 4 metres.

April 22nd / 23rd Stag Weekend.

A group down from London who all satyed at The Dive Lodge. The first day they did Paintballing then some powerboating. The Groom dressed up in stocking tights all day and caused quite a stir at Neyland!!

May 6th / 7th Boat Handling

A two day boat handling course covering Level 1 and 2

May 20th / 21st Diving

A group out for weekend looking for new dive sites. Found a great site just off Skokholm Island.

May 24th / 25th / 26th Mid Week Break

A three day diving package which includes accommodation, diving, BBQ and six dives.

June 2nd

Looking for new dive sites.

June 3rd / 4th Weekend Diving.

A fantastic weekend, warm, sunny and calm. Lots to see, pipe fish, smooth hounds, lobsters, spider crabs and rays. Vis improving all the time, with 4 to 5 metres and building. Second day was seeing the seals, fantastic!
BBQ for evening with the group, sat up late watching the stars to soft music playing the night away.

June 10th / 11th Weekend Diving.

Great weekend, wreck diving on the first day with warm sunshine giving everyone a great tan. Second dive the divers seen smooth hounds (large 6 foot dog fish) BBQ in the evening cooking some of the things the divers caught during the day. (Not the 6 foot shark!) Beautiful evening, sitting out in the courtyard till the early hours.
The next day we headed for Skomer Island, where we did the North wall as a drift dive. Fantastic, over 8 metres vis below 15 metres. Some beautiful sea fans along the wall. The second dive was with the seals, plenty on the surface, but a bit shy under the water.

June 17th / 18th Diving.

Another great weekends diving, with weather being good to us again. Vis on the Lucy was 7 metres and the wheel house was inpressive. Puffins still around as so are the seals along Rye Rocks. The group are booking again for next year, and had a great time. The Dive Lodge they said was fantastic, very laid back.

June 22nd / 23rd RYA Powerboat Course.

A two day powerboat course operating out of Neyland.

June 24th / 25th Diving.

A great weekend, diving the North Wall as a drift dive, then the second dove with the seas. The second day we dived the Dakotion with 8 metres vis and WHAT a dive. Swim throughs everywhere!! the second dive was the Behar and we did that as a drift dive. You could see most of the wreck as you were drifting past it. 8 metres vis again! Fantastic dives when you got that sort of vis. Boilers, crankshafts were all clearly seen. Back at 15.00 in time to see England win their match, perfect!!

July 1st / 2nd Diving.

Weather again perfect, with flat calm seas and clear skies. North Wall drift was the first dive of the day, with an early start to get back for the match this afternoon. Most divers had seals come up to them under the water, and with the vis around 8 metres. Rye Rocks was the second dive, again there were seals that wanted to play.
Our rib took another group to Stack Rocks where the vis was over 10 metres!
Second days diving was more pretty reefs, again vis good at around 8 metres. The only down side for the weekend, is that England lost!

July 4th / 5th RYA Powerboat Course.

A two day course for level 2. Weather perfect for messing about on the sea, but not for powerboat course, just too good. Needs to be rougher!! Trip round the Island of Skomer to get some rough water at Jack Sound, but that was as flat as a pancake!

July 8th / 9th Diving. Heather Again!!

Down every year on Heathers birthday! BBQ in the evening on Saturday, cake cutting and presents on Sunday! Diving, well thats secondry! Weather blowing up for Sunday, so nice and easy day. Winds increasing to gale 8 overnight, with rough seas building during the day on Saturday.

July 15th / 16th Diving.

Beautiful weather, calm seas and what a weekend. We saw dolphins in Jack Sound and to the North of Skomer Island. And further along the coast over 150 were seen.Vis was around 8 metres at best, but we did have big tides this weekend. Water temp getting warmer at 15 degrees, but it needs to be cool to cool you down!! Air tem around 26 degrees. Nows the time to come diving!!!!

July 19th / 20th Diving.

Weather still holding out well, better than abroad at the moment. Dived the Lucy, which has around 6 metres vis at the moment. Rye Rocks there were a few seals about and they played with the divers underwater. Last week there were none her, now there were five! The Behar wreck was dived, with around 4 metres vis, another lovely dive, very pretty, lots of live and fish on it at the moment.

July 21st / 22nd / 23rd Diving.

Again some lovely weather, with light winds and flat seas. We spotted Dolphins in Jack Sound on the way to do the north wall on Skomer Island. Vis here was 8 metres. Plenty of Lobsters and some lovely red sea fans. There were even quite a few cray fish to be seen there as well.
The Sunday we dived Stack Rocks where we had over 10 metres vis. Three congers seen on the reef.

August 5th / 6th Diving

Skomer Island and some wrecks, vis was 10 metres in places.

Aug 19th / 20th Diving.

Diving Skomer Island, vis 4 metres at Rye Rocks. Winds blowing up to SW force 5 later in the day.

Aug 26th / 27th Powerboat Courses.

Lovely conditions for running powerboat courses, with waves at St Anns Head over 20 feet high!! A lot of soar bottoms!

Aug 31st / 1st September Powerboat Course.

Another two day course, offering a one to one course.

September 2nd / 3rd Diving

Paintballing for the Saturday with winds reaching gale force 8 and all diving called off.

September 9th / 10th Diving.

Diving the Lucy, High Point, Rye Rocks. It was high tides for this weekend, so the Haven had no vis what so ever. After diving High point where there was around 4 metres vis, we went to North Haven for lunch. One of the divers, not mentioning her name! lost her pants over the side of the boat, so a search party was sent down to find them.
The second dive the divers dived with the seals and had seals come up to them, amazing experience!

September 16th / 17th Diving.

Dived the Lucy, High Point, Behar and the Thor. Vis was around 2 to 3 metres.

September, Strong Winds Cancelled Diving.

Strong winds for the end of September have stopped diving for the last two weeks. Some of these dives have been arranged for November.

Oct 13th / 14th / 15th Diving.

Winds better this weekend so we had two groups down. Dived around Skomer the first day with water temp around 16 degrees. The seals on Rye Rocks were very playful again, with one even coming up to the boat ladder wanting his chin tickled!

Oct 21st / 22nd RYA Boat Handling Course.

Students down from the north of England doing their RYA level two powerboat course. Conditiond were excellent for rough water, with the winds picking up to gale force for the first day. On the Sunday there was heavy rain, which made conditions even worse! You will certainly made for a better skipper if you can handle condtions like these.


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