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Captains Log 2005

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Diving arranged every weekend on either Hard Boats or Ribs. To book your place give Len or Jan a call on 01437 781117, or e-mail lenbateman@aol.com or fill in the request form found at Contact Us. We publish details two months in advance of our forthcoming organized dives. We can also dive anytime of the week, subject to demand.

For a complete list of diving and other activities for 2005 visit our watson page.

Happy New Year. To all past and new divers, welcome again to another busy year. We have never had so many bookings come through for the year ahead, so far in advance. Most of the weekends for Predator and The Dive Lodge accommodation have already been booked. We have plenty of Mid Week breaks available at the moment and our rib Dragonhawk is also available on certain weekends. We are taking bookings for 2006.

January 29th RYA Level 1 Course.

We have a one day powerboat course running today and over the weekend. I took Tyrena out for a trial run to show her the ropes. Now if you know Tyrena, you will know that things always seem to go wrong in some way or other.

Everything went fine until we were coming in, I brought the boat alongside the Jetty, with the lifeboat moored at the back of us. I got off the boat to tie her to the berth, and Tyrena decided that the boat was going too fast! ( This is the first time she has ever been on a rib)! So she decided to put it in reverse! I was standing on the jetty with the rib heading back out with me left holding the bow rope, and it was getting shorter and shorter. The lifeboat crew were watching with anticipation, as the rib was reversing straight towards them!

I calmly told Tyrena to put the boat into neutral ( I just hoped she could find it before I ran out of rope)! She found forward instead!! Now the rope in my hand was getting longer at a rapid rate, and coming straight towards me. I kept calm and told her no Tyrena "Neutral". Well god bless her little socks, she did find it, but only just!

If the truth be known, the real reason that I took her out was not to show her the ropes, but for me to know what I was letting myself in for!

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Well done Tyrena! She wants to learn to dive next. Greg watch out!!

January 29th / 30th RYA Level 2

A two day level 2 course, with a group of divers down from Barnsley who dived with us last year. Weather was too good, with flat seas and no wind. Lectures were held at the Dive Lodge with the boat based at Neyland Marina. Everyone did well and all passed the course.
We always cover more that is required for the level 2, such as blind navigation and GPS work.


February 1st / 2nd RYA Level 2

Another RYA course, with the weather still calm with flat seas! Tyrena our business manager also did the course (after the incident with the lifeboat). She did really well, not having been on a rib before. (Or the sea)!! She is a speed freak, and after an hour at the wheel, there was only one thing on her mind, full throttle. She even had time to wave to the men on the fishing boats as she passed them! Have you ever tried to pick up man over board doing 40 kts!!
No, seriously all did really well over the two days and we all had a great bit of fun.

February 5th / 6th RYA Intermediate Course.

Passage planning across the bay from Neyland to Porthclais, some 20 miles away. Tyrena our new skipper took the boat across, with Alan completing his Intermediate course. We diverted to the west of Skomer Island, where we found some rough water, and did our man over board. Also through Jack Sound, where we practiced some more. It was easy to see how you can easily loose sight of some one in the water, when you have large standing waves and turning into the sun! A lesson well learnt. On the way back we were fog bound (simulated) and had to make our way into Dale from Skokholmn under our green canvas cover. It was difficult enough anyway without the cover constantly being blown over your faces.
Alan did well and except for one wrong heading, he did everything perfectly. Well done Alan and well done Tyrena, you handled the boat really well, and no lifeboats in the way this time!!

February 12th / 13th RYA Level 2 Powerboat Course.

Another busy weekend, with six students learning how to handle a powerboat for the first time. The weather was ideal with winds reaching up to 50 kts at times. (Force 9)!
We did not have to go far to get rough water. It proved difficult as the wind chill factor was -4 degrees. Man over board was conducted in the rougher conditions, with everyone getting absolutely soaking. We headed back to the marine where we warmed your hands with a cup of lovely coffee.

Lectures were held at the Dive Lodge and at the marina. All passed the course and all did really well, considering the conditions.

March 10th RYA level 1 Course.

A one day course covering the basics of powerboating. Some lectures but most of it was practical involving slow maneuver in the marina. A great day for it, lovelly sunshine and flat calm seas. Vis looked good, should have been diving instead!

March 12th / 13th Adventure Weekend.

A group of lads down on a stag party weekend. Tyrena was their driver for the weekend, and did a great job. The lads loved her to bits. She even had a tip from them at the end of the day.
They had a great time, paintballing, quad bikes and kayaking along the coastline. Wales even beat Scotland today, unbeaten so far, Ireland next week!!
We have training next week, during the Easter break if anyone is interested, starting with the pool sessions on the Good Friday.

March 26th / 27th RYA Powerboat Course Level 2

A level 2 powerboat course for two days, operating out of Neyland Marina. Weather was too good, with winds force 3 or less. Man over board we went out to St Anns Head, but the swell was only around 1 metre making for easy conditions.
Lectures were held at The Dive centre in the mornings, with the practical mid morning to late afternoon.

March 27th Diving.

We had some people interested in diving over the weekend, but the vis was a limiting factor. There was only around 1 metre at the most, with the large tides and swell at the moment. We had called off our diving, and let people know about the conditions the Thursday before. This was appreciated by most, as this was there holiday weekend and there was a lot of preparations to be made for the weekend, and some bringing their own boats down.

March 29th / 30th / April 1st Padi Open Water Course.

We have an open water course this week, with pool sessions on the Wednesday. Open water dives were at Martins haven and St Brides with teh vis being around 4 metres. Water temp at the moment is about 10 degrees.

March 31st Refresher Course.

A refresher course covering lectures and pool sessions. A one day course designed to keep up the skill levels.

March 31st / April 1st Passport Course.

A two day Passport Course, with lectures the first day and pool sessions for the second day. open water dives will be conducted at a later date.




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