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Dive Pembrokeshire UK

Run by Len Bateman

Captains log for 2017

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Boat Trips.

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May 30th / May 31st / June 1st / 2nd

Weathers good with some settled weather as we are able to dive around Skomer Island. Vis was good up to 8 metres on the Hen & Chicks, and 6 metres on the North Wall of Skomer.
High Point was another good dive, where there was plenty of marine life to see. A mixed group of divers makiing up a full boat load.

PredatorA weekend where we played with seals around Skomer Island.

July 1st / 2nd Diving.

Wreck Discovery weekend.

Looking for new wrecks and also exploring ones we know. Good vis on most of the sites dived, up to 8 metres on some. Weather good with light winds and tides on neaps resulted in the better vis.

July 15th / 16th Diving

Diving around Skomer with some seal encounters! Vis was good up to 8 metres in places.

Aug 12th / 13th diving.

Dived with seals on the first day we winds reached force 5 we managed to get to Skokholm with some big seas at the heads. Vis was down to 2 metres, better than the Haven, which had none. High Point was a good dive with divers seeing Octopus, crabs, crayfish and Scallops.

Aug 19th / 20th / 21st

Great condition diving many of the wrecks. Vis building to around 6 metres.

Aug 28th / 29th

Hen and Chicks had around 8 metres vis, with much to see. Diving with the seals was spectacular with the seals playing with all the divers.

Sept 2nd / 3rd

Two good divers for the first day, with the seals again playful. Saw lots of life including lobsters, scallops, sea fans and some large spider crabs. This photo of Predator shows its lift at the at the back of the boat.

Sept 16th / 17th predator

The first day the wind was N force 4, so we dived some of the wrecks in the Haven which were sheltered. This resulted in the good vis, as the north side of the Islands was quite rough. Saw lots of life again, especially on some of the reefs over at Skomer which the divers saw an abundance of various species.